Breast Reconstruction Surgery

If you are a survivor of breast cancer or had your breasts seriously altered due to a life-changing accident, there is an option for you to rebuild your breasts so that you can regain the self-confidence you once had. It is called breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction normally requires the partial or complete removal of the breasts, followed by the surgical rebuilding of the breasts. Although success rates are high and most women are satisfied with the procedure, the likelihood of fully recovering the shape, look, and feel of your original breasts is quite low. Improvements will surely be apparent but they will not be perfect, so take your time to decide whether or not you truly want to go through with breast reconstruction.

Pros of Breast Reconstruction

Increased Self-Esteem And Overall Life-Satisfaction. The benefits of rebuilding the breasts are abundant, starting with having a better general attitude about yourself. When you are happy with the way you look, a lot can come from this. You may perform better at work, you may be more happy around friends, you may begin wearing your favorite outfits again, you may finally gain the courage to date again--the list goes on. Feeling good about yourself is a very important part of life and it will give you the motivation to continue to make the best of it. That is what breast reconstruction is all about: helping you live life the way you want to live it.

Cons of Breast Reconstruction

Visible Scars. Like other surgical procedures, breast reconstruction will usually leave visible scars in areas that were cut. While it is possible to heal completely and become free of all scar tissue, this is unlikely as most patients will have some degree of scarring whether big or small. Severe scarring can be ugly and unsightly, and could give any woman great disappointment and regret for going through with the surgery.

In order to get the required tissue for the reconstruction, the process usually involves taking skin and fat from other areas of the body. This in itself may be a deal-breaker for many women since they have already been disfigured enough as it is, and do not wish to have other parts of their bodies altered as well. Ideally, the chosen locations for the donation are carefully-picked areas that are well-hidden by regular clothing, so scars will not be visible to the public. Regardless, new scars will likely form and they may serve as permanent reminders to these women of how far from "normal" they really are.

Psychological Damage
Any woman receiving a breast reconstruction will always be aware that she has gone through a traumatic injury. A breast reconstruction may only remind her of the horrible pains of having gone through such an ordeal. Bringing back all of the bad memories might cause her to develop extreme acute stress, go into a new state of depression, or even develop other physical or psychological disorders as a result of the previous combination. Depending on the success of the procedure, she may feel good or bad about the surgery. An unsuccessful operation that leaves her looking worse than before could scar any woman for life.

Infection And Other Complications
Surgery is risky. There are no definitives in surgery. The body is complex and each one of us is an individual and unique. Every doctor in the operating room is also an individual with unique skills. All of these variables and many more affect the outcome of an operation. It is very possible that you may develop an infection after the surgery that could lead to serious illness and even death. It is also possible that an unsuccessful operation will require many more surgeries to fix it. Your body could go into a state of shock due to severe blood loss and cause your end. You may not wake up from the anesthetics. There are a wide variety of risks associated with breast reconstruction and any surgery, so ask yourself if it is really worth it.

Surgery is expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Many people will not have the option of reconstructive surgery because they simply cannot afford it. For those who can, this is something to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about. Whether you feel that it is worth it depends on your overall assessment of the pros and cons.

The Final Word
What it all comes down to is how you feel about getting the surgery. If you are sure that you want to proceed with it, you might be on the path to changing your life forever--for better or for worse. However, if you have any doubts, seek guidance from a medical professional before going under the knife. Remember, the choice is yours so listen carefully to your heart.

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